Retreat - cabin in woods

Retreat  - cabin in woods

Life is stressful and isn’t easy. After graduating college I felt this same way after getting my first full-time job. I was overwhelmed, burnt out from 40-hour workweeks, and generally down about life. I was ready to throw everything away and begin a fire-sale of all my belongings before setting off on a hitchhiker journey. Instead I decided against this, and rented a cabin instead. Here is my story and why a cabin retreat can provide the greatest remedy to getting past, what I like to call “life block”, when you get so overwhelmed you just can’t take it any longer.

It’s like it was yesterday. Wake up at 6 AM, go to work, come home, watch Netflix, go to bed, repeat. This went on for a year before I was able to realize this redundant life schedule. So I took some time off. At the time I hadn’t saved enough money to go overseas and visit Russia, Southeast Asia, or any of my other lifelong destinations. Instead I contacted my state recreational service and set up a weekend stay at a cabin. At the time it wasn’t really a big deal, I just needed to get away and drive off far into the wilderness of the Northwest.

When I walked into the door, I was pleasantly surprised. The cabin was strewn quite nicely with various rustic home decor, complete with chandelier and wooden lamps on each night stand. It felt as if I was walking into a new world. There were electrical outlets, but 75% of them were nonfunctional. This was great, because I wanted to completely detach myself from the rest of the social world. I wanted to absolutely disappear for a few days, by myself and for myself with no one to interfere.

Those days in that rustic cabin were invigorating. I spent much of my time wandering through the woods, at times sitting at the base of a redwood tree, closing my eyes, and using all other senses to experience the world around me. It probably sounds like I was on drugs, but there were no drugs involved whatsoever. I just needed a break from life and everyone associated.

I had a wonderful few days at the cabin, and that was what threw me into the world of secluded cabin life and the value it can bring to an individual with life block similar to my own. Of course, a cabin retreat with the family or friends may also have many positive benefits too. It can provide quality personal time with those you love or care for along with providing some companionship if you’re not comfortable with being alone. If you do feel down or overly stressed out from the rigors of everyday activity, I strongly suggest taking a long weekend off and finding yourself in the peaceful makings of cabin life.

Retreat - cabin - stone fireplace

About the author:

Daniel Swinton is an interior decorator and freelance writer. He specializes in cabin decor. When he’s not decorating for his clients, Swinton finds time to perform in local improv troupes and to hike on his favorite trails.

Photo by: Bryan Ochalla, ErgoSum88