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After all planning and moral preparation was done for our Easter Coober Pedy Trip, the Day X of departure was about to start.

What can happen 5 minutes before your trip is about to begin if you have cats ;-) :

This story starts 1 day before the departure day. And, as in some movies, very unpredictable and funny things started to happen. Many things look funny after they end up with a happy end ;-)  But nobody knows what it will end up with at the time of happening.

A night before the departure our cat returned home with a damaged eye. It was a bit of shock for us because the next day we had to depart, and that day was Easter Friday, and you know what Easter Friday means – no vet works on Easter Friday!

That was the time when I though “Cats should be kept inside at least a week before a departure date!” Was it a correct conclusion? Keep reading! :)

So, any pet owner knows that no vet clinic works on Easter Friday. That’s why the early Friday morning we rushed into the nearest Animal Emergency Hospital to check whether anything is required to keep the eye safe and whether we can leave a cat at home without any special attendance and treatment.

As it turned out, the eye required daily procedures otherwise the cat could loose sight. It was good to hear that the damage at least could be “fixed” if treated properly. At another hand it was a bit of fear because it sounded impossible to find anyone in the rest of that Easter Friday day who could do the prescribed procedures.


To make a long story short – as in a good movie, we were lucky!
A wonderful lady offered her possible help. (I am proud to live in Australia and I am proud of us, people who live here and who can do amazing things just like that.) I cannot express how I am thankful to her. And, as you know, sometimes sad things can lead to happy findings – not only our cat got caring hands but also we found a couple of wonderful and interesting people.


So the Day X came. To be precise, the early morning of the Day X came.
We planned to start driving at 4 am because the first stop was planned only in about 12 hours, at a Port Augusta caravan park. So in a chilling morning we started packing the car with all prepared stuff. And…
…who could imagine that!
The cat does a trick with us again!

5 minutes before we are “ready-steady-go”, he escapes to the front yard, and without his pet tag! :-D My God! No! :-) I can laugh at this now but at that time it was not even funny. If he did not come back in the nearest hour, we were in a trouble. And leaving for a long trip without knowing where he is… 4-days trip could become very stressful.


It’s hard to believe, we were lucky the second time! :) The cat jumped over the neighbour’s front yard fence and laid down in the neighbour’s back yard – that was muuuch better! Because he knows that back yard, he knows how to get home from there, so we were pretty much confident that everything will be fine with him. We organised plenty (should I say PLENTY) of food and water outside and left a note for guys who were going to come to check our cats while we were away.

Hooray! At last! Ready, Steady, Go!
An hour behind the schedule a wonderful journey began! :-)


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