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As you all know there were Easter holidays recently (hopefully you noticed them ;-) Where to go was not a question for us. We go to… Coober Pedy!

Yeah, it may sound strange – why where? What’s interesting there? Isn’t it too long, and too boring, and too… To be honest, at the back of my mind there were similar questions. So first, why Coober Pedy?

Once upon a time another country was our home. Australia was not in our minds yet. But we were very curious for different interesting things (and we still are ;-). One day there was a TV program. They showed something funny and very unusual to us. It was about some crazy Festival at some place in Australia, with motorbikes, a big fireplace, with dances, BBQ and lots of fun! They showed that people live… underground. Their houses, bars, churches, shops – almost all are underground. Can you imagine that? (And now imagine yourself somewhere outside Australia, where all people live “on a surface” :-)) Such a hobbits. It really impressed us. They said that people live underground because it is a very comfortable temperature there, and they used to be underground because of their jobs – most of people dig opals. And they also create funny metal things – like sculptures, but it looks very interesting. All of this was really funny for us and very unusual. I don’t remember all details from the Festival, but I remember that we liked it so much. I remember myself wanting to visit that place, it was Coober Pedy.

That time visiting such an unusual place sounded really unreal. We even had no chance to be anywhere overseas, so Cooper Pedy in a far-far-away Australia made one more record in my book of desired ToDos ;-) But I always knew the secret (Don’t tell anyone! :) You need to desire a thing to make it happen. So did I. The rest was after magic :-)

Time passed. (I should say, yyyeeears passed :-)). And who could imagine? Australia became our beloved home! And we successfully practiced in a long driving last Christmas. So where to go this time? … Coober Pedy! We need to see it, to feel it, to start understanding at least something about an Australian Outback because it’s very different to our usual world-around-us and therefore interesting. So be it! :) Coober Pedy! :-)

What happened next… you will hear in the next Part… ;-)


Melbourne to Coober Pedy Trip

Melbourne to CooberPedy: Lake Hart

Melbourne to CooberPedy: Sunrise at Pimba (Spud's Roadhouse)

from Melbourne to Coober Pedy and back: Easter trip


I have a lot of photos from the trip. Usually I shoot photos “as I go” and post some of them. So my friends and other people that have never been to Australia can feel and see what I saw.

Photos from this Easter trip are here:

Look for last 10 folders with numbers (1), …, (10) there.

(I will attach Featured photos to the topic once we have a Gallery feature at Go For Fun web site)

Have fun! ;-)


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