Australian International Airshow, Avalon, 2011Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition took place at Avalon airport near Melbourne CBD on 5th and 6th of March. Actually is was opened earlier in March, but on those two days the Airshow was opened to public.

Several dates were remarkable at this year Airshow:

  • The Royal Australian Air Force, one of the oldest independent air forces in the world, celebrated its 90th anniversary
  • The 2011 Airshow was the 10th event staged at Avalon Airport. The first airshow was held at Avalon in 1992
  • The event also celebrated a date in a commercial aviation – the 100 years of Australia’s first passenger flight


Australian International Airshow, Avalon, 2011

There was something for everyone:

  • Air acrobatics
  • Military and commercial aircraft display (including amphibia airplane, huge military airplanes that can carry a lot inside it, an old silver planes of Australian Royal Mail – like ones you saw in old movies! :) )
  • Army machinery and flight simulators (you could try to land a helicopter on a ship using two “special sticks” in your hands (pardon my non-technical slang :-D)
  • Kids Zones with different fun activities
  • Air combat (they blown up something!)
  • and much much more!


Australian International Airshow, Avalon, 2011

Australian International Airshow, Avalon, 2011

Australian International Airshow, Avalon, 2011


Guys, it was fantastic!

The weather was excellent, a very blue sky – nothing more to desire!


Australian International Airshow, Avalon, 2011


Australian International Airshow, Avalon, 2011


The official web site of the airshow:

More photos here: Australian International Airshow, Avalon 2011

Author: Natalie


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