Sailboat Racing at Royal Geelong Yacht Club - Sailing Yacht Photography - Davidsons 2016 Winter Series - Corio Bay - Race 7

We had the last sailboat race of the Winter Series 2016 at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club. (A story and sailing photos from the previous boat racing.)

I usually take quite a few photos during sailing. On the last day of the winter boat racing I was so tired that could barely take a few shots. Lack of sunny days, my business, and on top of other things my recently started study left me with no energy at all.

It was a lovely day though. Thanks to our skipper and his lovely boat, I organised a quick photoshoot a la “yacht captain” for my crew mates :) Looking forward to the summer sailing!

Sailing Boat Photographs – Boat Racing in Corio Bay:

Click on a big photo to see it in a larger view:

(For a video – scroll down.)

Video from Winter Race 7 – Royal Geelong Yacht Club:

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