Parking Scuplture Chicago, USA - Travel the World - Parking a Car
Cars on a pole. A new solution to a car parking problem?
Parking Scuplture Chicago, USA - Travel the World - Parking a Car
Cars on a pole. A new solution to a car parking problem?

Not all drivers are good in parking their vehicles. Even though car parking is one of the most basic techniques of driving, not everyone has the skills to properly park their car. In Australia, there are are parking areas in commercial centers, public places, and in private residences. Because of this, it is expected of Australian drivers to master the skill of properly parking their vehicle. However, this not always the case since some drivers care less about their car parking skills, which in the end create inconvenience to other responsible motorists.

As an Australian driver, it is your duty to know how to park your vehicle properly. In order to further improve your car parking etiquette, you may want to consider doing these tips:

Do not block other drivers from getting a parking space

Be sensitive enough not to block the way of other drivers looking for a parking space; otherwise, you can expect to be involved in a verbal commotion, or to cause an unnecessary traffic jam. Practice proper etiquette when looking for a parking space by minding others and being observant.

Use signal lights

When you finally found a parking spot, turn on your signal light first before making a turn. This will allow other drivers know that you are taking that particular spot and that you are about to make turn. Also, this will minimize chances of minor accidents like fender bender.

Do not text while looking for a parking space

Texting while driving, even slow driving, can cause a minor to serious accident. When you are focused on using your cell phone, chances are, you will crash with another moving or parked vehicle. You can avoid such accident by staying focused on the road and other cars around you.

Park only where your vehicle can fit

Do not force your vehicle in a very narrow space because you may end up gracing or crashing with another vehicle. If you think that you may have a hard time fitting your vehicle in a space, it is wise to find for another spot because you would not know whether or not you will successfully park your vehicle without doing any damage to other parked cars.

Parking in central Rome, Italy - Travel a World - Parking a Car
Parking in central Rome, Italy. Although the cars leave a space, this is soon filled with a scooter or motor bike making it impossible for the cars to leave. What happens when the driver returns to the car?

Park at the center of the parking space

Make sure to place your vehicle at the center of the parking space so there is enough room for you and your passengers to get off and get inside the vehicle. If you park your car very near to the car next to you, you and your passengers and that of the other car may have a hard time getting off and getting inside their respective cars.

Watch out for drivers backing out

While looking for a parking spot, be observant. Look out for vehicles backing out because you may accidentally hit them or hit you.

Back out carefully and slowly

When backing out your vehicle, make sure do it carefully and slowly in order to avoid any accident. If you back out your car fast, incoming vehicles may rear-end your vehicle. Also, you would want to use your car’s hazard lights to notify other drivers that you are backing out.

Mind the markings

Car park line marking is there for a reason, and that is to guide drivers looking for parking space. The markings also serve as guide to drivers for them to properly place their vehicle at the parking spot. If you own a parking area, it would be best to contact a car park line marking company to do the line marking for you so you will not have a hard time aligning your vehicle.

Photo by: Cikaga Jamie , Adrian Pingstone


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