Tsunami Sign in California USA
Tsunami Sign in California USA
Tsunami Sign in California USA
Tsunami Sign in California USA

Love beaches in hot countries? Do you know how to recognise tsunami? Do you know what to do if it comes? Watch a video capturing personal experience.

What is a tsunami?

A tsunami is a series of ocean waves with wavelengths of hundreds of kilometers.
The waves are caused by large-scale disturbances of the ocean. It can be a result of an earthquake (land or underwater one), a landslide, a volcanic eruption, an explosion, or even a meteorite.

Tsunami is a Japanese word. It means a “harbour wave“.
Previously tsunamis were called “tidal waves” or “seismic sea waves”. But these terms are misleading. Tsunamis do not relate to the tides (tides are a result of the gravitational influences of the moon, sun, and planets). Tsunamis cannot be called “seismic sea waves” in every case because they could be caused by a non-seismic event, i.e. not only by an earthquake.

Another phenomena of a rapid rise in coastal sea level is a storm surge. It is different to tsunami and is caused by a significant meteorological event, for example a tropical cyclone.

Tsunami in Australia

So is there anything in Australia that would warm you about tsunami? Should you even be worried about tsunami?

Tsunamis are recorded in Australia about once every two years. Most of them are small and of little threat. While being safe for coastal communities, abnormal waves, tides and currents caused by small tsunami can be dangerous to swimmers and mariners.

That’s why an Australian Tsunami Warning System (ATWS) exists and provides a comprehensive tsunami warning service to warn about a tsunami threat.

Some cities in Australia are under greater risk of tsunami than other cities. For example, if you travel to Darwin, you may notice they have a huge Tsunami Centre where people can hide until the tsunami passes. It was a bit scary for us to see that huge building as in Victoria we are not under threat of any huge tsunami.

Tsunami on Vacation, Phuket, Thailand

Watch this video recorded by a survivor of the tsunami in Phuket, Thailand.
Poor guys saved kids but lost his wife.
An incredible scene in the video is another guy standing right in front of the huge tsunami wave.
There is no chance for him to survive and he knows that.

Do you think he gave up or was it something else? What would you do? Run anyway?

How is it to Sink in Tsunami Waves?

Do you want to know how it feels when you sink in tsunami water? Watch this one:

Tsunami Watch Tips

Did you notice the pattern? Water goes away from the beach, it looks strange, then is starts coming back very quickly. The lesson learnt – while holidaying at the ocean resort or a beach, watch the ocean!

Any tips or personal experience?

Photo by: Coco et Jo