Where to Spend Time in Hot Darwin

We visited Darwin (Northern Territory, Australia) at the end of September. It was nice to escape rainy cold Melbourne for 3 days and get at least sun baths – we thought :-D

The first day we decided to dedicate to the city itself. You know, the standard stuff – have a look, get a feeling of it, etc.

But I should say, it was SO HOT that after 10 minutes walk we could do nothing! It was worse than in Singapore. In Singapore we usually adjust pretty quickly (we have been there in different seasons), in Darwin – it’s just impossible.

As I found on the Internet, the end of September is one of the best time to visit Darwin. Months after the wet season comes and heavy rain allows you to do and see nothing. But the way! We got first drops from the sky of that wet season! :-D

So yeah… +35 was a bit too intensive for us :-) Therefore when, after walking for a good hour or so, under the crazy shining sun (a love sun and sunny days, but that was too much! :) ), so when we noticed the ocean pool… hehe… with waves…. :) you undertand me – we could not help not to go there!

  • The price is very cheap (about 8 AUD for the whole day!!).
  • They have changing rooms and lockers. You can drop your stuff and have fun!!
  • The pool has calm water and they “do waves” very often. Waves are huge to the end. Waves height is up to about 2 meters (I will have a look at one of my photos to double check that! But they ARE high!)
  • There are plenty of stuff you can use in water – balloons, “belly boards”
  • There is a place near water where you can relax from jumping on waves :) (believe me, you will not spend much time relaxing outside water :) )
  • There are several “shallow water” places there, so kids of different age can have fun as well
  • And they have funny small fountains, so you can lay down on the fountain and it’s like a massaaaage… cool :)

They located at Waterfront.

Below is a video of waves. In reality it much much more fun than it looks here! (Because I guess you participate in that, not just watching! :) )

I highly recommend to visit that Wave Pool and enjoy it yourselves!!


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