The BIG Things Tour Around Australia 2011

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Some time ago I wrote about amazing guys who traveled across Australia on a trike visiting all BIG things. One trike, 2 adults, and 2 kids!

Would you like to visit all big things in Australia? Sounds exciting, isn’t it? ;-) Then… how would you plan your trip? Look at the guys’ itinerary.

Below you can find itinerary guys shared at their web site ( This can give you an idea how your itinerary may look like.

The BIG Things Tour Around Australia

The Big Things Tour OZ 2011.

June 4th – Sept 2nd 2011

92 Days, 125 Big Things and more than 19000km

Day 1. Saturday June 4th

QLD – Queensland

Leave Coffs Harbour from the Big Banana

-Big Pie. Yatala
-Big Red Back Spider. Eight Mile Plains
-Suncorp Stadium

Stay – Brisbane
Distance Travelled – 410km

Day 2, 3 June 5 and 6

-Big Boot. Brisbane
-Big Gun. Underwood
-Big Cicada – Cultural Centre Brisbane
-Big Cow. Yaninda
-Big Pineapple. Woombye
-Big Sticks. Eumundi
-Big Shell. Tewantin
-Big Bottle. Noosa

Stay – Sunshine Coast
Distance Travelled – 96km

Day 4. Tuesday June 7th

-Big Pumpkin. Goomeri
-Big Mandarin. Mundubbera
-Big Orange. Gayndah

Stay – Gayndah
Distance Travelled – 331km

Day 5, Wednesday June 8th

-Big Ned Kelly. Maryborough

Stay – Bundaberg
Distance travelled 255km

Day 6,7 June 9th and 10th

-Big Rum Bottle. Bundaberg
-Big Crab. Miriam Vale
-Big Bulls. Rockhampton
-Big Dugong. Rockhampton
-Big Kinka Whale. Yeppon

Stay – Rockhampton
Distance travelled 286km

Day 8 June 11th

Stay – Dingo
Distance travelled – 385km

Day 9. June 12th

-Big Cane Toad. Sarina
-Big Banana. Mackay

Stay – Mackay
Distance Travelled – 414km

Day 10, 11 June 13-14

Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour and Whitsunday Islands

Stay – Whitsundays
Distance Travelled – 161km

Day 12. June 15

-Big Mango. Bowen
-Big Snake. Home Hill
-Big Brolga. Townsville

Stay – Townsville
Distance Travelled – 304km

Day 13 and 14 June 16 and 17

-Big Crab. Cardwell
-Big Gumboot. Tully
-Big Cassowary. Mission Beach

Stay – Mission Beach/Tully
Distance Travelled – 225km

Day 15,16, 17 June 18, 19th and 20th

-Big Marlin. Cairns
-Big Captain Cook. Cairns
-Big Crocodile. Daintree
-Big Barramundi. Daintree

Stay – Cairns/Port Douglas
Distance travelled – 389km

Day 18 June 21st

-Big Peanut. Tolga (Atherton)
-Big Fish. Tarzali Lakes (Atherton)
-Biggest Lava tubes. Undara

Stay – Undara (or Georgetown)
Distance travelled 242km

Day 19 June 22

Stay – Normanton
Distance travelled – 449km

Day 20 June 23

-Big Crocodile. Normanton
-Big Barramundi. Normanton

Stay – Karumba
Distance travelled – 76km

Day 21 June 24th

Stay – Cloncurry
Distance travelled – 465km

Day 22 June 25 (1/4 of trip)

Stay – Barkley Homestead
Distance Travelled – 571km

Day 23 June 26

NT – The Northern Territory

Tenant Creek
Fossicking at Renner Springs

Stay – Renner Springs
Distance Travelled – 373km

Day 24 June 27th

-Big Termite Mounds. Mataranka
-Thermal Pools. Mataranka

Stay – Mataranka
Distance travelled – 407km

Day 25, 26, 27 June 28,29, 30

-Big Pink Buffalo. Darwin
-Big Hat. Darwin

Stay – Darwin
Distance Travelled – 454km

Day 28 July 1st

-Big Boxing Crocodile – Humpty Doo
-Big Stockwhip – Noonamah

Stay – Adelaide River
Distance travelled – 300km

Day 29 July 2nd

-Big Barra. Katherine

Stay – Katherine
Distance Travelled – 80km

Day 30 July 3

Stay – BIG Horse Creek camp ground
Distance Travelled – 320km

Day 31 July 4th (1/3 of trip)

WA – Western Australia – The Big State

-Biggest Body of Freshwater. Lake Argyle

Stay – Kunanurra
Distance Travelled – 227km

Day 32 July 5th

-Big Crocodile. Wyndham
-5 River Lokkout
-Big Aboriginal Family in Warriu “Dreamtime” Park

Stay – Doon Doon Roadhouse
Distance Travelled – 280km

Day 33 July 6th

Stay – Fitzroy Crossing
Distance Travelled – 569km

Day 34 July 7th

-Big Boab Tree. Derby
-Big Tides. Derby

Stay – Derby
Distance Travelled – 258km

Day 35,36,37 July 8,9 and 10

Stay – Broome
Distance Travelled – 220km

Day 38 July 11th

Stay – Pardoo Roadhouse
Distance Travelled – 462km

Day 39 July 12th

-Big Wheelbarrow. Port Headland

Stay – Karratha
Distance Travelled – 332km

Day 40 July 13th

-Big Prawn. Exmouth

Stay – Exmouth
Distance Travelled – 339km

Day 41, July 14th

Stay – Coral Bay
Distance Travelled – 395km

Day 42 July 15th

-Big Banana. Carnarvon

Stay – Gladstone Lookout Free Campsite
Distance Travelled – 361km

Day 43, 44, 45 July 16 17 and 18

Stay – Monkey Mia
Distance Travelled – 353km

Day 46 July 19th (Half Way)

Stay – Geraldton
Distance Travelled – 500km

Day 47,48,49,50 July 20,21,,22 and 23

-Big Lobster. Dongara
-Big Farmer. Carnamah

Stay – Perth
Distance Travelled – 369km (+day Trips)

Day 51, 52 July 24, 25

-Big Orange. Harvey
-Big Pie with Sauce – Harvey

Stay – Banbury
Distance Travelled – 197km

Day 53 July 26

-Big Guitar Men. Boyup Brook

Stay – Boyup Brook
Distance Travelled – 306km

Day 54 July 27

-The Big Marron. Denmark Old Kent River Wines

Stay – Albany.
Distance Travelled – 301km

Day 55 July 28

Stay – Esperance
Distance Travelled – 483km

Day 56 July 29

Stay – Nullabour in the Bush
Distance Travelled – 391km

Day 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63 July 30, 31. Aug 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

-Longest Straight Stretch of road (146.6km)
-The BIG Breakdown… Stranded for 7 nights while we fix two wheel bearings.

Stay – Caiguna on the 90 mile straight…..yes you guessed it, on The Nullabour
Distance Travelled – 150km the last 80km we were doing 5-20kmph…slow going.

Day 64 August 6th

SA – South Australia

-Big Kangaroo. Border Village

Stay – Border Village
Distance Travelled 284km

Day 65 August 7th

-Big Whale. Nullabour Roadhouse

Stay – In the Bush Nullabour
Distance Travelled – 437km

Day 66 August 8th

-Big Wombat. Penong
-Big Oyster. Ceduna

Stay – Wundinna
Distance Travelled – 437km

Day 67 August 9

-Big Farmer. Wundinna
-Big Gular. Kimba

Stay – Port Augusta
Distance Travelled – 437km

Day 68 August 10

Stay – somewhere south of Adelaide
Distance Travelled – 332km

Day 69 August 11

VIC – Victoria

Day 70 August 12

Great Ocean Road

Stay – Geelong
Distance Travelled – 305km

Day 71,72 August 13-14

-Big Coffee @ 65 Degrees

Stay – Melbourne
Distance Travelled – 100km (+day trips)

Day 73 August 15

-Big Strawberry – Koonoomoo
-Big Murray Cod – Toculwal

NSW – New South Wales

Stay – Jerrilderee
Distance Travelled – 326km

Day 74, 75,76,77 August 16, 17, 18,19

-Big Playble Guitar – Narranderra

Stay – Dubbo
Distance Travelled – 358km

Day 78 August 20

Stay – Newcastle
Distance Travelled – 400km

Day 79, 80 August 21,22

Stay – Dubbo
Distance Travelled – 400

Day 81 August 23

-Big Miners Lamp. Lithgow
-Big Gold Panner. Bathurst
-Big Bike. Molong
-Big Apple. Bilpin

Stay – Richmond
Distance Travelled – 400km

Day 82,83,84,85,86,87 August 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

-Big City. Sydney
-Big Boot. Rozelle

Stay – Sydney
Distance Travelled – 40

Day 88, 89 August 30, 31

-Big Mosquito. Hexham

Stay – Maitland
Distance Travelled – 293km

Day 90 September 1st

Stay – Medowie
Distance Travelled – 162km

Day 92, 93 Saturday September 2nd 3rd

-Big Oyster. Taree
-Big Ayres rock. Karuah
-Big Axe. Kew
-Big Bowling Ball. Lake Cathie
-Big Bull. Wauchope

Stay – Port Macquarie
Distance Travelled – 103km

Day 93 Sunday September 4th

The Big Return. Coffs Harbour
Distance travelled – 168km


Total Days Taken – 94

Total Big Things Visited – 100+

A word from the Go For Fun – Travel & Photography Inspiration team

Whoa… Again, reading this tour itinerary for me is like going along that way! It’s amazing that it is possible, and great respect to the guys – WELL DONE!

Have you visited BIG things in Australia? How many? Did you like the journey?

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Fellow traveler and photographer,

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  1. Going through my paperwork collection I just found a business card given me by Mr. Henderson of site. I bumped into them while they were broken down at one of the roadhouses across the Nullabor, waiting on a part. I was on my way back to Donnybrook WA from Tamworth on a sidecar outfit I had just purchased. Those guys had a marvellous time of it. I have been trying to find their site but it appears to have been stopped. Which certainly does not detract from their achievement. Well done.

    • Hi Graeme,
      It’s so lovely to hear from you!
      Oh no, their web site is indeed down… I hope everything is okay with the guys. They made an amazing trip. I’m sure they inspired many others to follow their steps!
      It’s so lovely to know that you met them on their and your trip. The world is a small place, especially when you travel, isn’t it? I find it to be true more and more often :)
      xox Natalie

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