Balbina Dam (Usina Hidreletrica de Balbina), in Amazon, Brazil
Balbina Dam - Amazon - Brazil

Although “budget holidays” are growing in popularity all the time, many people still do not believe that these can lend themselves to visiting spectacular locations and seeing some of the world’s most awe inspiring sights. However, the truth is that some of the world’s most beautiful places are well within reach – you just need to be a little resourceful!

We looked at some ideas that could see you visiting your dream destinations faster than you ever imagined possible.

Take a Charity Trip

Balbina Dam (Usina Hidreletrica de Balbina), in Amazon, Brazil
Balbina Dam - Amazon - Brazil

Various charity organisations regularly arrange trips to some of the world’s most inspirational places, and often all you need to do is secure a certain volume of donations and the cost of your trip will be heavily subsidised.

This means you could end up seeing amazing locations such as the Great Wall of China, the Sahara Desert, Amazon Rainforest, and various villages throughout central Africa. You also get the fee-good factor attached to doing something for others; all you need to worry about is raising the necessary funds – although with your large Facebook and Twitter followings, that should be easy.

Explore Travel Options

Kepler Track alpine ridgeline, New Zealand
Kepler Track alpine ridgeline, New Zealand

Destinations such as Australia and New Zealand are known as excellent holiday destinations, but can be expensive to travel around and get to. Once you have decided the locations that are at the top of your “wish list”, you can decide how you want to get around.

While domestic air travel in these locations is usually cheap, it means that you miss all of the beauty on the ground. Thankfully, car hire is often available at low prices, or even free, thanks to trends in the industry meaning that relocation vehicles are readily available across both countries.

Look Out for Short-Term Jobs

If your budget holiday is going to last longer than a few weeks, there are many locations that offer short-term roles for travellers. Colloquially known as “backpacker jobs”, these could involve anything from working in bars and cafés to being a farm hand for a few days.

Not only will this boost your finances for your trip, you get to meet loads of new people and enjoy a unique holiday experience.

Be Open Minded With Accommodation

Whenever we book a holiday, there is a tendency to look for the best hotels or apartments. Hostels, however, are usually available at a fraction of the price and often represent all-round better value.

There is still a stigma attached to places such as these, but they offer comfort, friendliness, and often better facilities than even the very best hotels.

About the author:

Rob is an online content writer with a specific interest in new tourism trends, such as how relocation campervans can be hired as a means of seeing the beautiful sights of Australia and New Zealand.

Photo by: Seabirds, Nomad Tales