Miami Skyline - Florida - USA

Miami Skyline - Florida - USA | Go For Fun - Australian Travel and Photography Community

Spending seven days in the enchanting Florida sun is an ideal way for Australians to enjoy their holiday in the States. With a range of exciting activities that are perfect for young couples, retirees and growing families, anyone can get the cheapest flights from Australia to the USA and save money while ensuring that he or she has an exciting, relaxing and refreshing break from the world.

Touching Down in the Sun at Miami

While guests have a range of options for their flights, many prefer to touch down in the cosmopolitan city of Miami. The town is one of the oldest and is comfortably situated along the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean. With a unique blend of different cultures and the most southerly location in the continental United States, guests have the freedom to enjoy a wide range of different Epicurean delights.

Multi-cultural Miami and the Natural Beauty of The Everglades

Everglades National Park - Florida - USA - crocodile | Go For Fun - Australian Travel and Photography Community   Manatee - at Sea World - Orlando - Florida - USA | Go For Fun - Australian Travel and Photography Community

Situated on a broad plain that lies between the Florida Everglades and Biscayne Bay, Miami provides guests with access to urban culture blended with natural beauty. The Everglades make an ideal day trip, and guests can see life as it was in the past by watching the alligators, manatees and crocodiles play in the sunny waters. The Everglades are comprised of more than 1.5 million acres, and guests have their choice of four visitor centers to provide detailed information about the local flora and fauna. During the rainy season that lasts from June to October, visitor centre hours may be delayed, restricted or closed altogether.

Hiking Through The Big Cypress National Preserve

Big Cypress National Preserve - Florida - USA - butterfly | Go For Fun - Australian Travel and Photography Community   Big Cypress National Preserve - Florida - USA - crocodile | Go For Fun - Australian Travel and Photography Community

With a unique climate that is perfectly suited to tropical plants, Miami is also filled with parks and recreational areas that give visitors a chance to take in the area’s stunning natural splendour. Big Cypress National Preserve is one option and is within an easy drive of Miami. The preserve also serves as the home to the Miccosukee and Seminole Tribes of Florida.

Enjoying The Evenings of South Beach

For those who enjoy a true Florida beach experience in the sun, a night on the streets and in the clubs of South Beach is essential. The exciting destination is world renowned for its lively after-dark scene and diverse musical offerings, and many guests catch a glimpse of celebrities during their holidays. With beaches that have a relaxed European vibe, guests can enjoy the South Beach sun’s rays in all their glory.

Taking in the Magic of Walt Disney World

Cinderella's Castle - Walt Disney World - Florida - USA | Go For Fun - Australian Travel and Photography Community

Just a short drive from Miami, the magical kingdom of Walt Disney World offers guests plenty of activities, and many travellers choose to fly directly into Orlando to take advantage of its proximity. Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom lies at the resort’s center and beckons guests with promises of thrills and adventure.

Golfing in the Florida Sun

At Walt Disney World, guests can take a relaxing break from the excitement of rides and roller coasters by spending time on one of the property’s five golf courses. Four of the courses have 18 holes and are considered among the nation’s best. For those who only have an afternoon or morning, there is a nine-hole course that is ideal for walking excursions. Children have a unique opportunity for golfing and can spend time along the Oak Trail that is especially designed to help them hone their game.

Luxurious Accommodations Among the Stars

While many guests prefer to stay a short drive from Walt Disney World in the city of Orlando, others take advantage of the lodging opportunities that are offered at the park. There are more than 33 resorts and hotels on the property, and 24 are owned and managed by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. A centralized transportation system also makes travel easy and ensures that families can divide and conquer.

Flying to the Moon and Back

Kennedy Space Center - Florida - USA | Go For Fun - Australian Travel and Photography Community

Taking a trip to Kennedy Space Centre Visitor’s Complex is another way to enjoy the day while learning more about flights to the moon and beyond. The complex contains a range of spacecrafts that are on display (we are assured they are man-made), and also has two IMAX movies that show space exploration in stunning detail.

Enjoying holidays in the Florida sun is easier than ever, and Australian guests have the freedom to spend time in natural parks, multi-cultural cities or spectacular resorts.

Photo by: Ines Hegedus-Garcia, Eric Kilby, Ahodges7, Leppyone, Jason Helle, Casey Fleser, Bruce Tuten