Perth CBD at night, looking from King's Park - Australia
Perth CBD at night, looking from King's Park - Australia
Perth CBD at night, looking from King's Park - Australia
Perth CBD at night, looking from King's Park - Australia

Perth is the largest and capital city of the Australian state of Western Australia with an area of 5,386 square kilometer. It is a part of South West Land Division where the mainstream of its cosmopolitan area is situated on the Swan Coastal Plain – a slender strip between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Scarp. Summer season in this city lasts from December up to late part of March, which is usually dry and hot. The month of February is the hottest month of the year. During winter season, the place is relatively wet and cool.

The Magnificent Places to Visit

1. Kings Park & Botanic Garden

This park covers 400 hectares of Perth’s heart with sculpted gardens and serene natural bush land. This is the reason why Kings Park & Botanic Garden is one of the largest inner-city parks across the globe. A best spot when it comes to sweeping views of Swan River and Perth’s city skyline as it is rested high on the peak of Mount Eliza.

Getting to this park is by riding a free CAT bus or either 15 minutes of walk. You can bring a picnic set stuffs or a barbecue. Get brochures and maps from the visitor information center after then enjoy a free guided walk or a self-guided tour.

While your kids enjoy the park’s playgrounds you can join the locals zipping coffee, lunch and dinner at the fine dining restaurant.

2. Perth Zoo

This zoo houses the 1,300 exotic and native animals from over 230 species. It is located just a couple of minutes from the city. Roaming around the zoo lets you see some of the most amazing animals in the planet in their exhibits. Perth zoo is just like a botanical paradise. The walkways are shaded with tress and their picnic areas are grassy which provides a relaxing environment.

3. Scitech Discovery Centre

This an educational science center situated in the heart of Perth. It offers interactive science experience to the entire family. All ages can learn about science in a fun, safe and educational atmosphere. At Scitech, you won’t definitely know where to start! They have over hundred astonishing feature exhibitions, hands-on exhibits, puppet shows, science performances, Australasia’s largest planetarium, and a CSIRO science lab.

4. Perth Mint

Perth Mint,  Western Australia
Perth Mint. The statue depicts the found of gold. The Mint is operating since 1896. If you like collector coins, it's a spot in Perth you definitely have to check out.

It is the world’s oldest gold mints that continue to operate from its original premises. Visiting the Perth Mint lets you enjoy the largest collection of gold bars in the world and at the same time allows you to scrutinize the million-dollars-worth of pure gold bullion. This amazing tourist spot is just a minute walk from the central business district and operates from 9am-5pm every day.

5. The Bell Tower

Swan Bells (The Bell Tower),  Perth, Western Australia
Swan Bells (The Bell Tower), Perth, Western Australia

This tower is 271 foot high made of glass campanile and copper. It houses the set of 18 bells which is commonly known as the Swan Bells. It comprises the 12 bells of St. Martin-in the-Fields, one of the London’s most famous churches way back 14th century. Thousands of people visit the tower every year making it the most popular tourist attraction.

6. Caversham Wildlife Park

This park is the sanctuary of the largest collections of wildlife creatures in Western Australia. At Caversham Wildlife Park you have the chance to feed the kangaroos and take a photo with them as well as the lovable wombats and koalas. It is located in Whiteman Park particularly in Swan Valley. Getting there lets you drive north of Perth for about 30 minutes.

7. Adventure World

Visiting this place allows you to adore the waterslides, unique attractions, and over 30 thrill rides. Recently, they launched the ‘Dragon’s Kingdom theme where you can meet Flossy the Fairy and Yarli, the Dragon. This new attraction is open from 11am-2pm every day.

This magnificent city in Western Australia has a range of destination choices for everyone. No matter what type of activities you want, this city won’t let you down.

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