New Zealand - Lions Head - Hall - Arm - Doubtful Sound
A picture from East to West from the entrance to Hall Arm, Doubtful Sound. Lion's Head is on the right, it's a 1600m high vertical cliff.

Understand that deciding on where to go on holiday or vacation can be daunting. Choosing between a trip to the Caribbean, a European capital or an outdoor safari in Africa, requires you to spend a great deal of time planning and researching options.

Know that you can streamline this difficult process and make the most of your precious time off with a travel opportunity that combines the best of all parts of the world in one simple cruise. Embark on a cruise to Australia, and experience the warm weather and relaxation of the Caribbean, the exotic wildlife of Africa and the cultural delights of Europe.

Take advantage of cruise opportunities in Australia that give you additional rich experiences in neighbouring New Zealand. Whether you are looking to getaway with someone special or are seeking an idea for a great family vacation, trust that a cruise to this part of the world offers an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy the best offerings of the world from the comfort of an elegant luxury liner.

Blue Starfish - coral - Lighthouse - Ribbon Reefs - Great Barrier Reef

Discover the treasures of Australia and New Zealand from the Sydney Opera House harbour in Australia’s capital city to the spectacular Great Barrier Reef. Wonder at the exotic wildlife unique to the Tasmanian region. Immerse yourself in the exotic Maori culture. Snorkel among vibrant corals, and enjoy the the remarkable views at the Fjordland National Park.

Great Barrier Reef

Delight in a cruise that provides access to this famous reef for the opportunity to dive and swim with sea turtles, manta rays, sharks and a medley of breathtaking tropical fish.

Magnificent Fjords

New Zealand - Lions Head - Hall - Arm - Doubtful Sound
A picture from East to West from the entrance to Hall Arm, Doubtful Sound. Lion's Head is on the right, it's a 1600m high vertical cliff.

Take advantage of cruising opportunity to marvel at the Fjordlands in New Zealand that have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site region. Observe there the unique wildlife and natural landscapes including the Fjordland crested penguin, 14 fjords and numerous icy-blue lakes.

Indigenous Influences

Learn about the original people of the areas whether it be the Aborigines of Australia and Tasmania or the Maori of New Zealand, the indigenous populations of these nations offer rich cultures, traditions and artwork that a cruise provides.

Outback Adventure

Venture in the wild with plenty of room to wander in the Australian outback. Wonder at the diversity of wildlife in open rugged ranges. Marvel at the expansive region featuring iconic animals like the wild dingo, kangaroo and the emu bird.

Trust that a cruise to Australia and neighbouring New Zealand guarantee values that are certain to make your experience safe and unforgettable. Know that the cruise companies select only the most reputable tour operators to provide guidance and service to its customers. Save time and relax as the cruise company manages all of your logistical needs and holds the ship should your tour encounter any return delays.

Experience a diversity in attractions and activities that only a cruise provides. At each port, choose the excursions and points of interest that draw your attention. Whether it be sailing, historical sites or merely traditional tourist trips, feel confident you have access to the right diversion for you and your loved ones.

Rest assured the cruise company values your security and comfort. Believe that the liner expends every resource to ensure each day on your trip runs smoothly. In addition, reserve tours and other activities in advance through the cruise, thereby enabling you to avoid lines and receive the best possible prices.

Take the hassle out of planning your next holiday by booking a cruise to Australia and New Zealand. Feel at ease knowing that you have access to the best natural, urban and cultural outlets and sites the world has to offer.

Dusky Sound - New Zealand - from cruising ship Rhapsody of the Seas
Dusky Sound - New Zealand - Seen from the deck of a cruising ship (Rhapsody of the Seas)
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